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From 9th till the 15th of March it is National Meatless Week.

Realize the effects for planet earth by eating at least once a week no meat.

Let yourself be seduced and choose for a special 5-course meatless chef’s menu. This will exceed all your expectations!

Local Neighbourday on Thursday the 26th of March

For those who live or work in Amsterdam, Nomad organizes a local Neighbourday. It is a nice way to meet each other and also a great opportunity to enjoy a festive 5-coure menu with a free welcome drink and appetizer. So make your online reservation by stating ‘local neighbour’. We always says…: better a good neighbour than a distant friend…

On Sunday the 29th of March it’s Vegan Day at Nomad

Chef Joaquim creates an unforgettable vegan culinary world tour without using an animal ingredient. Come and join a completely vegan 5 course menu!