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Each dish is presented and served with love and care. Chef Denisa almost creates a work of art on every plate. A feast for the eyes with all the different compositions, textures and colours. Almost worth framing and putting in a gallery. Too beautiful to sink your teeth into. Luckily photography is an option to preserve the beauty of the dishes. So just enjoy! Enjoy your meal!

Impression of the atmosphere

The beautifully thought out interior with influences from various parts of the world, exudes a very atmospheric ambiance. During the day you can enjoy a drink and a snack with a fantastic view over the IJ. In fine weather we can open the glass façade on the waterfront to make the experience of the water and view even more intense. During dinner when all the lights go on it becomes completely magical. There is also a cosy terrace on the street side during the summer months, allowing you to have culinary enjoyment in the sun or under the starry sky.