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General Terms and Conditions Group Booking

We have established a number of conditions for group reservations from 8 people, partly to prevent us from getting last-minute cancellations. If you make a reservation for 8 people or more, we will send you these conditions. It is therefore very important for us to have a personal contact with you regarding this reservation. If you have left a telephone number / e-mail in your reservation we will contact you, if we do not receive a response, we unfortunately have to cancel the reservation and we cannot guarantee availability.

  1. If you wish to secure a group reservation, we require a deposit of 50% of the reservation amount. We will then hold this date for you until 5 days after written confirmation, if payment requirements are not met we will release the date again and we cannot guarantee availability.
  2. If you still wish to cancel the reservation, this is possible up to 14 days prior to the reservation, we will then refund the full amount. If you wish to cancel 7 days prior to the reservation, we will refund 35% of the deposit.
  3. The number of people can be changed up to 7 days in advance without extra charge, if the number of people is not changed within this timeframe, we will charge 50% of the menu price (drinks are not charged).
  4. Menu wishes can be indicated up to 72 hours in advance, after that we can unfortunately no longer change them. We will also call you on the day of booking to make sure all allergies/dietary requirements have been provided.
  5. If you have booked the restaurant exclusively, there is a minimum spending (on request), we require a full deposit payment for this amount.
  6. On our agreement, we will send the invoice after dinner based on subsequent calculation. This must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Nomad aan het IJ
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